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Hands-on Learning Tools for Engineering Mechanics - National ...

A team of faculty and students in the College of Engineering at Rowan University are developing hands-on and visualization tools for use in mechanics courses. The developed tools consist of physical simply-supported and cantilever beams that are instrumented with load cells. The students can apply various loading conditions to the beams and for the simply-supported case, also move the location of the supports. A data acquisition card is used to import the measurements from the load cells and displacement transducers and a Labview graphical user interface allows the user to find reaction loads and plot deflections, stresses, and shear and bending diagrams. The tools are designed to help students overcome difficulties in working with forces, moments, displacements and stresses. The tools are being developed so that critical thinking and problem solving skills of students will be improved by engaging them in the learning process through individual experimentation. The equipment will have a positive an impact on student learning in courses the Mechanical and Civil Engineering programs and the interdisciplinary design clinic sequence as well as benefit students with various learning styles. Introduction Statics and Solid Mechanics are typically taught at the sophomore level in lecture format. Several multimedia courseware initiatives in these subject areas have been developed that focus on theory, problem solving, or drill and practice. 1,5,9,10 Hands-on or computer-aided simulations have also been used in engineering education. 2,4,6,7,12 The investigators have found that curriculum improvement is needed in the areas of problem formulation and integration of hands-on force input with computer visualization tools. In entry-level engineering courses, students often do not know where to start a problem or how to determine which external and reaction forces must be included in free body diagrams and equations of equilibrium. Furthermore, the stresses caused in objects by axial, torsional, bending, and combined loadings are often quite difficult for students to visualize.


WELCOME TO THE BIOCHEMISTRY LABORATORY! This Biochemistry laboratory seeks to model work performed in a biochemical research laboratory. The course will guide you through basic lab techniques, investigations into DNA and enzyme kinetics, an intensive purification and characterization of an unreported protein, and will culminate in a formal research paper in the format of an article published in Biochemistry. Module 1 is concerned with basic lab skills. In these labs, we will learn how scientists think and write about biochemistry and perform experiments. We will also learn to accurately and precisely measure small volume of liquid while avoiding sample contamination. Lastly, we will learn to compute and create buffer solutions—a cornerstone of biochemistry. Module 2 will allow us to purify the protein cytochrome c from a yeast species (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) using various fractionation techniques including homogenization, centrifugation, and column chromatography. We will characterize our products using biochemical methods including gel electrophoresis, UV-Vis spectroscopy, and electrochemistry. Using modeling software on the computer, the structure and function of model, comparison cytochrome c proteins will be investigated. As a result of this project, we will determine the molecular weight, the approximate number and type of aromatic residues, characteristic UV-Vis spectra, and denaturation/renaturation properties of cyctochrome c. Module 3 looks into the processes used to isolate, purify, amplify, and characterize DNA. We will isolate and purify DNA from a bacterial source, and design and then use then use the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to amplify a DNA region of interest to ascertain the nature of the DNA we purified. Finally, we will perform in silico studies of DNA cloning, followed by DNA restriction and ligation for transformation into a bacterial expression system—molecular cloning. Module 4 is focused on enzyme kinetics, the measurement of the extent and mechanism by which enzymes catalyze biological reactions. We will investigate these processes by looking at the activity of tyrosinase found in mushrooms, which catalyze oxidation of various substrates. We will also investigate the effect of enzyme inhibitors of these reactions. The emphasis of the lab is on learning to perform complex biochemical techniques, as well as on analyzing and interpreting data and using graphing programs. Lab instructions and report expectations are explained in the pages that follow.

Ogroman novac novac se troši na demonizaciju Rusije. Svaki Ruski uspeh, po njima, treba obesmisliti, Rusiju prikazati jadnom, siromašnom, neuspešnom

Jedna naša televizija finansirana od spolja je poslala svog izveštača u Soči i umesto da nam dočarava grad Soči i igre koje su tamo otpočele, oni prvog dana počeše da se bave abrovima i spletkama

Tool Catalog Definition Tutorial
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Tool catalogs are useful when creating CNC machining code because they allow the user to directly import tools into their tool paths without having to define them each individually. When the library is defined for a specific machine shop, the user knows exactly what tools are available for use. Both lathe and mill tools can be held in one library. In this tutorial, you will learn how to define a tool library inside excel. From there you will convert the excel file into a functioning tool library inside CATIA. If you are only interested in importing a modified tool library into CATIA, skip to step III. ► Please note that this tutorial will reference the “NC Manufacturing Infrastructure – Machining Resources” help file within CATIA. To access this file, open “CATIA V5 Help” page. Go to the home screen. Under “Machining”, select “NC Manufacturing Infrastructure”. Under “Reference Information” it the top window, select “Machining Resources” I. Define tool library inside Excel A. Open Excel 2007 B. Save the file without using the spaces in the name. Use either underscores or capital letters to distinguish between different words C. Define First Level Chapter ► Chapters are used to create subcategories inside you tool library. ► This excel document is essentially computer code that CATIA will read. Everything typed in this code must be typed perfectly. CATIA is word, case, and space sensitive. It is not format sensitive, so you may resize, color, or comment your cells however you would like. 1. In first box (A1) , type “CHAPTER” 2. Type “NC_RESOURCES” in the next box in the row (B1) ► This tells CATIA that you want to define a new chapter called “NC_RESOURCES” D. Format the boxes a) Resize the boxes so that you can see the text in both boxes b) Change the fill color of the two boxes so that you can easily tell what level of code you are working with. 2. On the next line down (line 2), type “Keywords” and “Name” in the first two boxes ► This says that in this chapter, Column A will define the tool chapter’s keyword, and column B defines the name of the chapter. 3. On the following line (line 3), type “Types” and “String” ► This says that everything that follows will be imputed as a string

Managing Cystic Fibrosis- Related Diabetes “(CFRD)”

Managing Cystic FibrosisRelated Diabetes “(CFRD)” An Instruction Guide for Patients and Families 4th Edition Carol Brunzell, R.D., C.D.E., L.D. Dana S. Hardin, M.D. Antoinette Moran, M.D. Terri Schindler, R.D., M.S. Kathleen Schissel, R.D., L.D. Managing Cystic Fibrosis–Related Diabetes (CFRD) n Managing Cystic Fibrosis–Related Diabetes “(CFRD)” An Instruction Guide for Patients and Families 4th Edition CAROL BRUNZELL, R.D., C.D.E., L.D. University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview Minneapolis, Minnesota DANA S. HARDIN, M.D. Ohio State University Children’s Hospital of Columbus Columbus, Ohio ANTOINETTE MORAN, M.D. University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview Minneapolis, Minnesota TERRI SCHINDLER, R.D., M.S. University Hospitals Case Medical Center Cleveland, Ohio Kathleen Schissel, R.D., L.D. University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview Minneapolis, Minnesota Copyright 2008 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Address Content-Oriented Correspondence to: Dana S. Hardin, M.D. Division Chief of Pediatric Endocrinology Children’s Hospital of Columbus and The Ohio State University 700 Children’s Drive ED 543 Columbus, Ohio 43205-2696 Address All Other Correspondence to: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 6931 Arlington Road Bethesda, Maryland 20814 (800) FIGHT CF Table of Contents Introduction _________________________________________________________________ 5 Chapter 1 Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes (CFRD)_____________________________ 7 Diabetes Non-CF Diabetes CFRD Causes CFRD Symptoms Chapter 2 How We Diagnose CFRD_ _________________________________________ 9 _ Tests Used to Diagnose CFRD Chapter 3 Treating CFRD___________________________________________________ 11 Insulin Insulin Types Insulin Treatment Insulin Syringes and Needles Oral Agents (Diabetes Pills) Chapter 4 Blood Sugar Testing_ ____________________________________________ 19 _ When to Check Blood Sugar How to Check Blood Sugar Blood Sugar Testing Results Summary Chapter 5 How We Manage CFRD __________________________________________ 23 ... Wordpress Tutorial - Lawrence Fine

Wordpress is a powerful blogging platform that lets you easily write and create content for your web blog. It can be downloaded and installed on your server ( or you can use Wordpress’ own servers ( Whichever kind of Wordpress you use, they are both full featured, which often leaves new bloggers baffled. For this example, we will be using a self-hosted Wordpress Blog. Wordpress Dashboard The Wordpress Dashboard is the administration center of the Wordpress blog. Here you can see the different sections of the admin panel that would let you write blog entries, create webpages, edit and update entries, add links, add users and many more. In this example, you are given a run down of the number of posts or blog entries that have already been published, the number of pages in your site, the number of draft entries, the categories and tags. It also shows you the recent comments made in your entries, as well the incoming links from other websites or blogs. Page – These are static pages that are often just linked from the sidebar or navigation bar. Examples of these are the about page, links page and contact page. To create a new blog post or a new web page, click on the appropriate button found in the Dashboard, or under the Write section. Wordpress’ Visual Rich Text editor allows you to easily format how your entry will look when it is published. It has the key functions found in many word processing programs, so you wouldn’t need to worry too much. Similar to MS Word, you would need to highlight the parts you want to format.

The Ellen Bayard Weedon East Asia Travel Grant

The Ellen Bayard Weedon East Asia Travel Grant Faculty Application Form Personal Information Name Local address Telephone E-mail Travel Information Destination Proposed dates of departure/return Program Proposal Please attach a research proposal, describing how you intend to spend your time in East Asia. Financial Information Estimated total cost of travel, proposed program, and living expenses while in East Asia: Round trip air fare: $ Living expenses: $ Other expenses: $ Total: $ Personal share of cost: $ Other sources of funding: $ *Those working in the area of art and architecture are encouraged to apply for the Weedon Foundation Faculty Travel Award administered by Daniel Ehnbom for further funding. Total Ellen Bayard Weedon East Asia travel grant request $ Signature__________________________________ Date

Win 7 fresh install guide for Vaio F series I share with You the ... - Sony

I share with You the steps I've made to install a fresh Win 7 on A Vaio VPCF11Z1E (EU model) 1 Before anything else be sure to make Your recovery disks If You haven't already done them. It's very important to actually do them since we'll need them later. You will use them for a future installation of the bundled utilities You may require. Not strictly regarding this guide but if You have another drive You can try them to see if they work properly 2 If You're installing on the original drive don't format the recovery partition (you never know..), if it's a new drive than You can use it all. Still don't format the original one as You may need it for warranty purposes. 3 Go to the sony site and download all the original drivers and also the updates (to date only 2), and save them in an external HD or pendrive. 4 Insert the Windows 7 DVD and install Windows 7 in the desired partition, be careful since the first 9 gigabytes of disk are used to restore the note at it's initual configuration (if it's the original drive). Choose the version that corresponds to the serial number in your possession. 4b If You don't have a win7 DVD look at this link LEGAL Windows 7 Download Links (Just like Vista before!!!) 5 Once inside the new system will notice that some devices have already been recognized by windows but still You have to install the following drivers in this order and reboot the system anytime it's required: - Chipset drivers (restart) - Sata drivers (click on install.bat) - Nvidia-Driver (restart) -Then go to Device Manager (start and right click manage on computer)

Mill Series Training Manual Haas CNC Mill ... - Productivity Inc.

This Manual is the Property of Productivity Inc The document may not be reproduced without the express written permission of Productivity Inc. The content must not be altered, nor may the Productivity Inc name be removed from the materials. This material is to be used as a guide to operation of the machine tool. The Operator is responsible for following Safety Procedures as outlined by their instructor or manufacturer s specifications. To obtain permission, please contact Haas CNC Mill Programming Training Manual Table of Contents INTRODUCTION......... 4 MACHINE HOME WITH WORK OFFSETS.............. 6 WORK COORDINATE SELECTION.............. 7 TOOL LENGTH COMPENSATION G43....... 8 ABSOLUTE AND INCREMENTAL POSITIONING...... 9 THE CARTESIAN COORDINATE SYSTEM.... 10 WORD ADDRESS PROGRAMMING....... 11 PROGRAMMING...... 12 ALPHABET WORD ADDRESS ASSIGNMENTS....... 13 PREPARATORY FUNCTIONS (G CODES)...... 18 MACHINE FUNCTIONS (M CODES)..... 21 PROGRAM STRUCTURE AND FORMAT... 25 PROGRAM FORMAT...... 26 MACHINE DEFAULTS.................. 27 PROGRAMMING WITH CODES........... 28 PROGRAM STRUCTURE............. 29 LINEAR AND CIRCULAR TOOL PATHS.......... 31 LINEAR/CIRCULAR MOVEMENT CREATING TOOL PATH......... 32 INTERPOLATION COMMANDS.......... 33 CIRCULAR INTERPOLATION (G02 AND G03) COMMANDS........... 34 CUTTER COMPENSATION (G41, G42)......... 39 FORMULAS TAPPING, SPEEDS AND FEEDS....... 47 DRILLING, TAPPING, BORING CANNED CYCLES...... 48 CANNED CYCLES.............. 49 LOOPING COMMAND CYCLES......... 69 BOLT HOLE PATTERNS......... 71 ADDITIONAL G CODES........ 74 MILLING CIRCLES WITH CUTTER COMP................. 76 THREAD MILLING........ 77 CIRCULAR POCKET MILLING USING G12 AND G13................. 78 CIRCULAR PLANE SELECTION.............. 83 INCH / METRIC SELECTION (G20, G21)............... 84 SETTING WORK, TOOL OFFSETS THROUGH THE PROGRAM (G10).......... 85 GENERAL PURPOSE POCKET MILLING (G150)..... 86 ENGRAVING (G47)................. 93 SUBROUTINES (SUBPROGRAMS)................ 96 SUBROUTINES............... 97 EXERCISES......... 99 FINAL EXERCISES......... 103 Productivity Inc - Haas CNC Mill Programming Manual

Evroaziju je nemoguće ugušiti dok  dok dva njena najveća naroda  Nemci i Rusi   izbegavanju međusobni sukob

...kobni dan, sumrak bogova, za svetsku anglofonsku imperiju može nastati onog dana kad Nemačka, Rusija i Japan međusobno postanu saveznici. Sve dok traje prvocvat svetske britanske imperije, postoji ta mračna bojazan od jedine alijanse koja primorava da se predoseti kad-tad mogući krah sila opkoljavanja - te tako izvanredno i umešno razrađene veštine, u čijoj primeni je tokom Srednjeg veka majstor bila Venecija.