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Sales Tax Exemption Administration - State of New Jersey

Sales Tax Exemption Administration (S&U-6) is currently being revised and some information contained in the current version may not be accurate. For answers to Urban Enterprise Zone program questions, contact the New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Help Desk at To view the publication in its current form, click here. T New Jersey Division of Taxation AX OPIC Sales Tax Exemption Administration Sales Tax Exemption Administration Bulletin S&U-6 Introduction The New Jersey Sales and Use Tax Act (the “Act”) imposes a tax of 7% on the receipts from every retail sale of tangible personal property and some services (except as otherwise provided in the Act). Under certain conditions, exemptions are provided for otherwise taxable transactions. This bulletin explains the proper completion and use of the following New Jersey exemption certificates used to make qualified exempt purchases: Form UZ-4 Form ST-3 Resale Certificate Form ST-3NR Resale Certificate for Non-New Jersey Vendors Form ST-4 Exempt Use Certificate Form ST-4 Sales and Use Tax Exemption (BRRAG) Certificate Form ST-5 Exempt Organization Certificate Form ST-6A Direct Payment Certificate Form ST-7 Farmer’s Exemption Certificate Form ST-8 Certificate of Capital Improvement Form ST-10 Motor Vehicle Sales and Use Tax Exemption Report Form ST-10-A Aircraft Dealer Sales and Use Tax Exemption Report Form ST-10V Vessel Dealer Sales and Use Tax Exemption Report Form ST-13 Contractor’s Exempt Purchase Certificate Form ST-16 Exemption Certificate for Student Textbooks Form ST-SST Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption Under New Jersey law, some items are exempt from sales and use tax regardless of who buys them or how they are used. Examples of exempt items include most clothing, most items of food and drink (except when sold in or by restaurants or similar establishments) and prescription drugs. There are however, items which are exempt from tax only under certain conditions. The New Jersey Division of Taxation issues several exemption certificates which allow qualified individuals and businesses to purchase taxable merchandise and services tax-free. Each exemption certificate has its own specific use. In addition, New Jersey sellers and purchasers may accept and issue the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption (ST-SST) in lieu of the exemption certificates issued by the Division. Rev. 1/95 Rev. 08/07 Contractor’s Exempt Purchase Certificate - Urban Enterprise Zone Form UZ-5-SB Urban Enterprise Zone Exempt Purchase Certificate Form UZ-6 Urban Enterprise Zone Energy Exemption Certificate Form SC-6 Salem County - Energy Exemption Certificate NJ Exemption Certificates Agencies of the Federal government and the United Nations as well as the State of New Jersey and its political subdivisions are exempt from paying sales tax provided the agency making the purchase supplies the seller with a copy of a valid purchase order or contract signed by an authorized official. See page 13 for further information. 1 Bulletin S&U-6 Registration (There is a fee associated with the Public Records Filing.) Any person or organization engaged in selling taxable goods or services in this State must register with the State for sales tax purposes by filing a business registration application (Form NJ-REG) at least 15 business days before starting operations or opening an additional place of business in this State. If your application indicates that you will collect sales tax or purchase items for resale, you will be sent a New Jersey Certificate of Authority (Form CA-1) for sales tax. This certificate is your authorization from the State of New Jersey to collect sales tax and to issue or accept exemption certificates. Streamlined Sales Tax Central Registration New Jersey Registration The packet containing your Certificate of Authority will also contain your assigned New Jersey tax identification number, which is usually based on your Federal employer identification number (FEIN). However, for security purposes, only a portion of that number is printed on Form...

Reseda Preschool and Early Intervention Program For Children

We have been providing quality Child Care for children since 1988 and Early Intervention Services for children with special needs since 1996.

Wildlife Conservation Program Bali

Most animals are sadly becoming endangered. Tens of thousands of them becomes prey to poaching, illegal trade, and some end up on a plate. Understanding and caring for them, as well as their natural habitat is the key to save them, and that is what we intend to do.

Kratkovida (mozda potkupljena) nemacka elita je Bizmarka sklonila, iako je on pravilno procenio da jos nije doslo vreme da se suprotstavlja engleskoj sili

kratkovida (mozda potkupljena?) nemacka elita je Bizmarka sklonila, iako je on pravilno procenio da jos nije doslo vreme da se suprotstavlja engleskoj sili. Epilog je poznat, "savez tri cara" je postao "savez dva cara", desio se Veliki rat u kome su nestala sva tri carstva. Engleska je naravno opstala.

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Trumpia is the leading web-based multi-channel marketing automation platform, committed to helping businesses grow and stay well-connected with their customer base. Trumpia integrates mobile text, email, voice broadcast, and social media to give businesses and organizations wider reach, higher responses, and greater results. Trumpia also provides a White Label Reseller Program, Affiliate Program, and Developer API. Sales and support teams are available to serve customers seven days a week -- Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 6:30 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm PST. For more information about Trumpia's All-In-One Marketing Automation and Messaging platform or API, visit, or call +1-888-707-3030.

Ford Everest: 10 Seater Vehicle
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Features and Benefits • A superior 10 seater off-road SUV developed in conjunc on with interna onal aid and development organiza ons • Customizable haulage applica on and equipment to suit your exac ng needs • Uprated brake and suspension package to reduce maintenance cost and vehicle down me • • • • • • • • Sea ng capacity up to 10 passengers including the driver Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier cer fied program Improved safety and reliability Sea ng capacity easily re-configured for the larger cargo space when required High ground clearance to minimize damage to the vehicle undercarriage Enhanced handling suspension package to reduce body roll and provide superior on and off road handling and ride comfort* Enhanced fuel filter kit adding performance and protec on against poor quality fuel and impuri es Upgraded brake package: front disc rotors improving brake cooling and brake pad durability * Op ons Notes: - The company reserves the right to change the vehicle specifica ons and features described in this publica on at any me - Vehicle specifica ons and features may vary in different markets - Images are for illustra ve purposes only and may appear different to the actual vehicle For more specific details please contact us

safety recall n45 / nhtsa 13v-xxx rear structure reinforcement

SAFETY RECALL N45 / NHTSA 13V-XXX REAR STRUCTURE REINFORCEMENT Dear (Name): This interim notice is sent to you in voluntary accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has made a tentative assessment that certain 1993 through 1998 model year Jeep® Grand Cherokee vehicles contain defects related to motor vehicle safety. Although the NHTSA assessment is non-final, Chrysler Group has decided to conduct a safety recall to respond to customer concerns about that assessment. The problem is... The fuel tank on your vehicle (VIN: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) has a small chance of experiencing a fuel leak during certain types of rear end collisions. Fuel leakage in the presence of an ignition source can result in an underbody fire. What your dealer will do... Chrysler intends to inspect your vehicle and install an OEM trailer hitch where appropriate, free of charge (parts and labor). The parts required for this program are currently not available. Chrysler is making all reasonable efforts to obtain the parts as quickly as possible. Chrysler will contact you again by mail, with a followup notice, when the remedy parts are available. What you must do to ensure your safety... Once you receive your follow-up notice in the mail, simply contact your Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge dealer right away to schedule a service appointment. If you need help... If you have questions or concerns which your dealer is unable to resolve, please contact the Chrysler Group Recall Assistance Center at 1-800-853-1403. Please help us update our records by filling out the attached prepaid postcard if any of the conditions listed on the card apply to you or your vehicle. You may also update this information on the web at .

Dodge Truck Supercharger Systems Dakota, Durango, Ram V8 and ...

Dodge Truck Supercharger Systems Dakota, Durango, Ram ● V8 and V10 KIT COMPONENTS Standard kit (6-8psi) ATI P-1SC w/driven pulley Blower oil New 7 rib drive belt All related hardware Pro Flo Surge System 2 Core Sheet Metal Intercooler with universal tubing kit Air Filter Relocation Kit 2 1/16” Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Meter Upgraded Injectors Fully Programmable Fuel & Timing Computer w/ base program Features • • • • • • • • Our front mount intercooler is better than flat mounts for functionality as well as added ground clearance. (Fits ‘99 and older trucks—2000 up trucks use twin intercoolers) Includes piggyback fuel and timing computer that can be lap-top programmed to tune your truck without changing anything in the factory computer. Our box comes with a base program to get you started. Wideband A/F ratio meter included to monitor rich/lean conditions and for tuning purposes Air filter relocation kit for cooler air induction is included Never have low or inconsistent boost with our SDCE spring tensioner upgrade. It ELIMINATES belt slip for good. Most of our car and truck kits have over 30k miles on the original blower belt with no issues. Standard kit is designed for 6-8 PSI Upgrade option package is available for 9-14PSI P1SC blower is standard on all systems. For an additional 35HP gain, systems can be upgraded to a P1SC-2 supercharger.

First Trimester(FT) NT & Anomaly Scan Training

A 6 month blended learning program on the First Trimester scan with online evaluation and mentoring by accredited specialists.

Sale for Newly Built Floor Darya Ganj 90 LAKHS – 9811237690

Sale for Newly Built Floor Darya Ganj 90 LAKHS – 9811237690 Sale Newly Built Floor For Sale, Near Moti Mahal Restaurant, Darya Ganj, Area 140 sq.yd, With Lift, 4 Bedroom Ninety Lakh Negotiable…………. FOR DETAILS FEEL FREE TO CONTECT: SALEEM SHEIKH SAYA PROPERTIES 09811237690 DARYA GANJ, JAMA MASJID, CHITLI QABAR, BALLIMARAN, CHANDNI CHOWK, HAUZ QAZI, LAHORI GATE, KHARI BAOWLI, NAI SADAK, KUNCHA REHMAN, CENTRAL DELHI