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DVP-PLC Application Examples of Programming(CURVE).cdr

Automation Business Unit (IABU) of Delta Electronics focuses our expertise on "Drive, Motion and Control" with our knowledge and experience in automation control. Our R&D teams continue researching and developing key technologies, producing innovative products in industrial automation; for example many OEM’s use our automation products for processing machines used in the food industry, textile industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, metal industry and plastic industry. Our automation equipment is also used in the pharmaceutical industry, printing industry, as well as for energy saving air-conditioning and water treatment facilities. In recent years, we have integrated our industrial automation products, developed industrial control networks, and offered integration services to our clients around the world. Delta's DVP series high-speed, stable and highly reliable PLCs are applied in various automation machines. In addition to its fast logic operations, abundant instructions, various extension cards and cost-effectiveness, DVP series PLCs support many communication protocols, seamlessly integrating the industrial automation control system as a whole. To meet users’ needs for DVP-PLC programming examples, we provide examples of basic instructions including sequential/position control, timed counting and input/output control in DVP-PLC Application Examples. In addition, in this manual we also provides examples of advanced instructions including elementary arithmetic operations, data processing, high speed input/output control, network connection, and PLC communication(AC motor drive / temperature controller / servo motor). DVP-PLC Application Examples includes most common applications in automation control, such as parking lot entry/exit control, material mixing, stock monitoring, level monitoring, traffic lights control, and conveyer belt control. This manual explains methods for applying basic instructions as well as advanced instructions of DVP-PLC to accomplish the field application purposes. Users can easily understand how DVP-PLC features in automation applications through this manual. By referring to our DVP-PLC Application Manual- 【 Programming 】 , users can also apply DVP-PLC efficiently on particular purposes and fulfill various control requirements in industrial automation.

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This manual is divided in two parts; part 1 describing how to use the programming tool Pluto Manager and part 2 describing the language rules. Part 1 begins with the chapter “Making your first program” which leads you through the creation of a simple example. For first time users this can be a good way to get started. The programming language is related to the programming standard IEC 61131-3. The programming can also be done in text form with a standard text editor. Before downloading to the system the code must be compiled to hex-format. Download of the hex-file to a PLUTO-unit and monitoring is possible by either Pluto Manager or a standard terminal program as Hyper Terminal. Note that logic faults, like for example an emergency stop that controls the wrong output, cannot be detected by this software tool. Programs must therefore be reviewed and the safety applications carefully tested before being used in applications. Installation of Pluto Manager is performed by executing the self extracting EXE-file (InstallPlutoManager… .exe) without any parameters. This leads the user through the installation allowing the user to select the appropriate location. To run the program a registration code is required. However it is possible to use it without code in DEMO mode where compilation and online functions are disabled. To run in full version, the program requires a registration code. The code can be entered at start of the program.

VersaMax PLC User's Manual, GFK-1503C - Cimtec Automation

Warning notices are used in this publication to emphasize that hazardous voltages, currents, temperatures, or other conditions that could cause personal injury exist in this equipment or may be associated with its use. In situations where inattention could cause either personal injury or damage to equipment, a Warning notice is used. Caution notices are used where equipment might be damaged if care is not taken. Notes merely call attention to information that is especially significant to understanding and operating the equipment. This document is based on information available at the time of its publication. While efforts have been made to be accurate, the information contained herein does not purport to cover all details or variations in hardware or software, nor to provide for every possible contingency in connection with installation, operation, or maintenance. Features may be described herein which are not present in all hardware and software systems. GE Fanuc Automation assumes no obligation of notice to holders of this document with respect to changes subsequently made. GE Fanuc Automation makes no representation or warranty, expressed, implied, or statutory with respect to, and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency, or usefulness of the information contained herein. No warranties of merchantability or fitness for purpose shall apply. The following are trademarks of GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc.

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Before operating this projector, read this manual thoroughly and operate the projector properly. This projector provides many convenient features and functions. Operating the projector properly enables you to manage those features and maintain it in better condition for a considerable time. Improper operation may result in not only shortening the product life, but also malfunctions, fire hazard, or other accidents. If your projector seems to operate improperly, read this manual again, check operations and cable connections and try the solutions in the “Troubleshooting” section in the end of this booklet. If the problem still persists, contact the dealer where you purchased the projector or the service center. – This projector produces intense light from the projection lens. Do not stare directly into the lens as much as possible. Eye damage could result. Be especially careful that children do not stare directly into the beam. – Install the projector in a proper position. If not, it may result in a fire hazard. – Provide appropriate space on the top, sides and rear of the projector cabinet for allowing air circulation and cooling the projector. Minimum clearances must be maintained. If the projector is to be built into a compartment or similarly enclosed, the minimum distances must be maintained. Do not cover the ventilation slot on the projector. Heat build-up can reduce the service life of your projector, and can also be dangerous. SIDE and TOP

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❏ SD Memory Card Viewer ✽ efer to the owner’s manual below for details R about network and memory viewer function. ■ Network Set-up and Operation (For Windows / For Macintosh) ■ Memory Viewer function ■ PJ Network Manager (For Windows) Features and Design This Multimedia Projector is designed with the most advanced technology for portability, durability, and ease of use. This projector utilizes built-in multimedia features, a palette of 16.77 million colors, and matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. ◆ arge Screen in Limited Space L Short focus lens allows you to project large images from short distance (p.14). Images can be projected on the floor. ◆ ecurity Function S The Security function helps you to ensure security of the projector. With the Key lock function, you can lock the operation on the top control or remote control (p.51). PIN code lock functions prevents unauthorized use of the projector (pp.20, 52–53). ◆Useful Functions for Presentations T -  he digital zoom function expands (to approx. 16 times of the screen size) the image size, allowing you to focus on crucial information during the presentation. (p.36) ◆Logo Function The Logo function allows you to customize the screen logo. The Logo page identifies the owner of the projector (pp.47 48). , The Operation menu is available in 16 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese (p.45). ◆Power Management The Power management function reduces power consumption and maintains lamp life (p.50). ◆Simple Computer System Setting The projector has a Multi-scan system to conform to almost all computer output signals quickly (p.28). (pp.32-33, 40-41) *The board color is limited to Green. -  t the time of simple projection on the colored A wall, you can get the close color image to the color image projected on a white screen by selecting the similar color to the wall color from the preset four colors. ◆Multilanguage Menu Display ◆Antitheft Alarm Function This projector is equipped with an Antitheft alarm function which sounds when vibration is detected (pp.56–59). A built-in rechargeable battery is used for the alarm. -  blackboard can be used as a projection screen. A ◆Input Search Function Input signal can be searched automatically. (p.49) ◆Compatibility The projector widely accepts various video and computer input signals including; Computers, 6 Color systems (PAL, SECAM, NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL-M, or PAL-N), Component video, S-Video and RGB scart.

Nano-10 User's Manual - Triangle Research International

Copyright Notice and Disclaimer All rights reserved. With the exception of legitimate TRi PLC users, who may print or make copies of this manual for reference purposes, no parts of this manual may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of TRi. Triangle Research International, Inc. (TRi) makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents hereof. In addition, information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this manual. Nevertheless, TRi assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions or any damages resulting from the use of the information contained in this publication. MS-DOS and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Inc. MODBUS is a trademark of All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. Revision Description Added description of RC Servo Control in Chapter 11. Corrected wrong or inconsistent numbering of figures. Corrected header error on Chapter 16. Change all tag to . Added Chapter 18 and 19. Reformatted headers and footers. Revised digital output driver specs Revised Chapter 2 layout. Modified Section 1.7 and Chapter 17 Added installation position warning in regards to updated relay specs.

CLICK PLC Project Loader End User Manual:pad2021.qxd.qxd

This user guide is intended for a customer who has received a CLICK Loader File from an OEM and needs to write the CLICK project to their CLICK PLC using the CLICK Project Loader tool. Writing the CLICK project to your PLC is a very simple process and this document will walk you through the required steps. Note: The file extension of the CLICK Loader File is 'ckl'. This is different from the CLICK Project File, where the file extension is 'ckp'. The CLICK Project Loader only works with the CLICK Loader Files. What is CLICK Project Loader? The CLICK Project Loader is a tool provided with the free CLICK Programming Software (V1.11 or newer). The CLICK Project Loader was developed to provide a simple way for you to write a CLICK Project, provided by an OEM, to your PLC. When an OEM develops a CLICK Project for you, this Project may be password protected to protect the confidentiality of processes and information included in the Project. It is also common to have future modifications to this project that will be provided to you by the OEM. When these Project updates are provided to the customer only authorized personnel with the password information are able to write the file to the PLC. With the CLICK Project Loader, an OEM can modify a password-protected CLICK Project and export the Project as a CLICK Loader File. The OEM can then send the CLICK Loader File to you. You can use the CLICK Project Loader tool to write the password-protected CLICK Project into your CLICK PLC. The CLICK Project Loader will verify that the password of the new Project matches the password of the existing Project in the PLC. The CLICK Project Loader will ONLY write the new Project if the passwords MATCH.

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Strengthening Your Proposal – And Your Organization – By Connecting With Community Assets The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is very interested in proposals that both improve the community and strengthen the applicant organization. Our experience indicates that proposals which connect with and engage a wide range of community resources are more effective than those which involve only the staff of the lead organization. We are also convinced that non-profit organizations are much more powerful community actors when they are not exclusively focused on needs, problems, and deficiencies but are effectively connected to the resources, or assets, of the local community. This document will help any organization: 1. Strengthen its own organization by enhancing connections with the community’s assets. 2. Strengthen the community by investing in the community’s assets. 3. Strengthen current and future community based projects, activities, and proposals. The following pages are divided into three sections to help applicants connect with community assets. Section One – How to assess and strengthen your proposal’s relationships with and utilization of community assets; and Section Two – How to identify and connect your non-profit organization’s assets to this project. Section Three – Tools which may be helpful in connecting both projects and organizations to community assets. Section Four – Information about the ABCD Institute. In Section One of this manual, we will introduce a series of questions designed to guide your reflections about a proposal’s relationships to five categories of community assets. These include: 1. Local residents – their skills, experiences, passions, capacities and willingness to contribute to the project. Special attention is paid to residents who are sometimes “marginalized”.


This M.O.R.E.™ One Inch Body Lift Kit fits 1997-2000 Jeep® TJ® Wrangler® vehicles with ether 2.5L or 4.0L engines, with manual or automatic transmissions, with or without air conditioning. This kit has been designed to fit on TJ Wrangler’s that are stock (no suspension lift), or Wrangler’s that have been lifted with aftermarket suspension lift kits up to 4”. M.O.R.E.™ has up-dated this kit from the earlier kits with the necessary hardware to address the following items: Steering Shaft Guide Bracket, Grille Support Blocks, and Transfer Case (T-Case) Shifter Drop Plate. Please read all instructions and our Terms and Policies on page 3 before you begin installing this kit. Familiarize yourself with all components in this kit and the parts of your Jeep that you will be working on. Common hand tools are required and some knowledge of mechanical things are needed. This kit contains the following items: ...


This body lift kit should only be installed on vehicles in good working condition. Before installation, the vehicle should be thoroughly inspected for evidence of corrosion or deformation of the sheet metal around the factory body mounts. This body lift kit should not be installed on any vehicle that is suspected to have been in a collision or misused. Off road use of your vehicle with this body lift installed may increase the stress applied to the factory body mounts. We do not recommend that any vehicle with a body lift installed be involved in any extreme off road maneuvers such as jumping. Failure to observe this warning may result in serious personal injury and/or severe damage to your vehicle. 3651 N Highway 89 • Chino Valley, AZ 86323 (928) 636-7080 • JEEP WRANGLER, RUBICON, UNLIMITED (TJ & TJL) 1” BODY LIFT KIT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1997-2006 KIT# 951 WARNING Many states now have laws restricting bumper heights and vehicle lifts. Local laws should be consulted to determine if the changes you intend to make to your vehicle comply with state laws. Before combining a body lift with a suspension lift, consult an installation professional to see how this will affect your specific application. WARNING The installation of larger wheel and tire combinations may reduce the effectiveness of the Anti-lock Braking System. WARNING Installation of a Performance Accessories body lift will change the center of gravity and the handling characteristics of the vehicle. Because of the higher center of gravity and larger tires, the vehicle will handle and react differently both on and off road. You must drive it safely! Extreme care must be taken to prevent vehicle rollover or loss of control, which could result in serious injury or death. Avoid sudden sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers and always make sure all vehicle occupants have their seat belts fastened. WARNING We will not warranty any damage to the a/c system. WARNING Always wear eye protection when operating power tools. WARNING WARNING Ensure that your vehicle tires are properly blocked and secured before you begin installation of this lift kit. Read and understand all instructions, warnings, cautions, and notes in this sheet and in your owners manual before you begin the installation of this body lift kit.