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08 dodge avenger fuse box

43865 Trailer Wiring Installation Instructions - Jegs

(Toyota Venza) Open rear tailgate. Remove threshold, trunk floor panels and trays. Set aside all items removed being careful not to damage parts. On both sides of the vehicle, remove cargo loops, so that the trim panels can be carefully pulled away from the vehicle. (Camry) Open trunk and remove threshold panel. Partially remove the corner felt trunk liner, on both sides, exposing the vehicle’s taillight wiring harness. (Camry Hybrid) The vehicle battery will be located in the trunk on the passenger side. ® On the Driver’s side, disconnect the vehicle wiring harness from the taillight socket. Plug the Hopkins TConnector end with the yellow wire in-between the mating plugs on the driver’s side taillight socket and vehicle wiring harness. On the driver’s side, route the T-Connector end with the green wire to the passenger’s side along the threshold ® and behind the panels. Disconnect the vehicle wiring harness from the taillight socket. Plug the Hopkins TConnector end with the green wire in-between the mating plugs on the passenger’s side taillight socket and vehicle wiring harness. Route the wire with the 4-flat connector to near center of door / tailgate latching mechanism. On the driver’s side, locate and secure the T-Connector black converter box with ny-ties (provided) to prevent damage or rattling and being careful to avoid areas that would cut or pinch the wires. Locate a suitable grounding point near the black converter module to attach to vehicle’s frame. Clean dirt, paint and rustproofing from area. Drill a 3/32” hole and secure white wire with ring terminal using self tapping screw (provided). Verify what is behind any surface prior to drilling to avoid damage to the vehicle. Do not drill into any exposed surfaces. Attach the red power feed wire (provided) by crimping the yellow butt splice on the black converter box assembly. Route the red power feed wire to the vehicle battery, and secure to vehicle with ny-ties (provided) as needed. Route the red power wire across or outside the trunk to the vehicle battery being careful to avoid sharp edges or being pinched. Install the fuse assembly with the yellow butt splice (provided) onto the red 12 ga. power feed wire crimping the ...

Titan Wiring Diagram
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Caution: Somemanufacturers "S"for use S' BRAKES RED accessory "A"for brakes. and A' ACCESSORY BLUE Note:Locate wiresby function only. Color LIGHT BLACK codingis not standard amongall manufactur- A* BACKUP ers. ELECTRICAL AND WIRING plugat the Towvehicles musthavethe correct hitchand be connected the correct vehito tow practices wire in cle circuits usingacceptable routing Titanusestwo differand connections. enttypesof plugs. Trailers are not that THrs TRATLEBrs EourppED wrrH 120 voLT/60 H/Ac (HoUsE cUBRENT) ELEoTRIoAL PowER. UL APPBoVED NoN-METALL|o SHEATHED oABLE (rE. RoMEx) HAs BEEN INSTALLEDIN THE WALUROOF CAVITY OF THE TRAILER. PROCEED WITH CAUTION WHEN ATTACHING EOUIPMENTTO THE TRAILER OR CUTTING INTO THE ROOF OR WALLS OF THE TBAILER. with equipped brakeswill have the 4way flat plug like the wiring code pictured at right. Trailersthat havethe larger7-wayplugwhichaccommodateselectric brakes and a separate for line inside lights.The inside lights wired the are to #4 post. The auxiliary centerpostis usedfor backup lights otherspecial wiring. or order/use fiffiANI It is important ground wiringproperly. to the The ground wire shouldrunfromthe plugand attach tow vehicle's to frame. Hitches, coupler/ball, safetychainsand loadleveling equalizer barswill NOT provide adequate ground mayresult electrical an continuous and in system failure.ln addition, hotlineor auxiliary should any line be runwithan in-line fuse. lf an auxiliary battery addedto the trailer, is theremustbe a fuse installed between battery the andthe load. Titanrecommends a separate that fusedlinebe runfromthe tow vehicle's batterythrough 20Ampin-line a fuse,to an aftermarket toggle switchmounted the dash. Thisswitch on shouldhavea 20 Amp Wiring capacity. should runfromtheswitch the#3 postfor runbe to ninglights.Newer vehicles'wiring headlight and switches many are timesmarginal do not havethe capacity carrythe and to current required larger for trailers lotsof running with lights.lf yourtowvehicle has amberturn signals, see your hitch& wiringspecialist for your trailerturn signals installation a relayor "splitter" operate of to and brakelights. The hot line shouldhavea 15 Amp in-line fuse plug. installed between battery and tow vehicle ...

TSB Leaking Plenum Gasket3 - Amsoil
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Before purchasing vehicles listed in TSB 09-05-00, owners should: 1. Check and review the maintenance record to ensure proper vehicle maintenance has been performed. 2. Have vehicle inspected and run performance diagnosis to ensure the vehicle is in proper running condition. AMSOIL recommends current vehicle owners following Chrysler’s recommended diagnosis and repair guidelines per TSB 09-05-00, keep detail vehicle maintenance records, have the vehicle inspected and run engine diagnosis checks . If spark knock or high oil consumption is noticed, a more complete inspection for sludge and deposits should be performed. The Chrysler TSB 09-05-00 noted two symptoms of a plenum gasket oil leak: (1) engine spark knock during acceleration (2) increased oil consumption. This oil leak is internal and is not visible from the outside of the engine. Figure 1 is taken from a 1999, 5.2L, V8, Dodge Ram Van, which illustrates a severe case of plenum gasket leak; note the deposits around the gasket. Figure 2 is taken from a 1998, 5.2 L, V8, Dodge Dakota, which illustrates a mild case of plenum gasket leak; note the oil film on the pan. TECHNICAL DISCUSSION: The Chrysler bulletin indicates that when the plenum gasket leaks, engine combustion blow-by gases, oil vapor and air from the crankcase filter/ breather may be drawn past the leaking gasket and into the intake manifold. This may cause engine spark knock during acceleration. Professor M. David Checkel of University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada has written a paper, Submitted By: DW/DY Approved By: Alan Amatuzio Approval Date: 12/27/2005 Distribution: __Internal _X_All AMSOIL INC., AMSOIL Bldg., Superior, WI 54880 (715) 392-7101 © Copyright 2005


Do not work inside the equipment unless totally familiar with electrical circuits. Hazardous voltage which can cause electrical shock, burn or serious injury exists inside the equipment. Turn off the power at the mains switchboard before beginning the installation. Post a sign near the switch to indicate it should not be turned on while the equipment is being installed. Fire, electrical shock or serious injury can result if the power is left on or is applied while the equipment is being installed. CAUTION Ground the equipment to prevent electrical shock and mutual interference. Confirm that the power supply voltage is compatible with the voltage rating of the equipment. Connection to the wrong power supply can cause fire or equipment damage. The voltage rating appears on the label at the rear of the display unit. Use the correct fuse. Use of a wrong fuse can cause fire or equipment damage. Keep the following compass safe distances:… DISPLAY UNIT The display unit can be installed with either of four methods as shown below. Refer to the outline drawing page D-2, D-3, and D-4. Locate the unit away from exhaust pipes and vents. The mounting location should be well ventilated. Mount the unit where shock and vibration are minimal. Keep the display unit away electromagnetic field generating equipment such as motor, generator. • Allow sufficient maintenance space and a sufficient slack in cables for maintenance and repair. • If vibration is a problem, tilt the display unit so it contacts the vibration absorbers attached to the inside of the hanger (tilted within 5 °).

Free Must-Have iPad Apps For Secondary Math - TCEA

Algebra Champ - Designed for grades 6 - 8, Algebra Champ provides practice solving straightforward, single variable linear equations in a game-like format. Questions are randomly generated and presented in rounds of five. Answers are manageable integers (-10 to 10) and presented as multiple choice. Algebra Explained c. 1 Order of Operations LITE - This lite version includes two lessons, two study card stacks, and two sets of practice problems. CandyFactory Educational Game - CandyFactory is an educational game that teaches the concept of fractions to middle school students based on splitting operations with partitioning and iterating. Factor Race (Algebra) - Factor Race is a game where the player must identify the binomial factors of trinomial equations. Fill the Cup - Four math games allow children to experience math concepts through manipulation. Fraction Factory - Enter the Fraction Factory and use your math skills to place fractions into their correct positions on a number line. Freddy Fraction - Help Freddy find his way back home safely using fractions, decimals, and percentages to lead him back to his spaceship! Free Graphing Calculator – What the name says. Supported by ads. HMH Fuse: Geometry, Common Core Edition – This sample includes a complete chapter of content: Chapter 6: Quadrilaterals. HMH Fuse: Geometry Sample – This app will allow you a sneak peek at the future of mobile geometry curriculum and includes a free sample chapter. iSpy-X - iSpy-X is a fun way for kids to practice basic one-step math algebra skills while playing a game! Khan Academy: Algebra 1 - Khan Academy Algebra allows students to learn Algebra through 36 different videos. Khan Academy: PreAlgebra - Khan Academy Algebra allows students to learn Algebra through ...

Installation Sheet
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SUBARU FORESTER SUBARU OUTBACK WAGON SUBARU XV CROSSTREK BACK OF REAR SEAT INSTALLATION QUESTIONS? CALL TECHNICAL SUPPORT AT 1-800-798-0813 1. Open the tailgate and remove cargo area cover (A). Under the cover remove the trays from the center and the driver side of the vehicle (B) by removing the plastic fasteners holding them in place (C). 2A. 2009-2013 Forester- The harness connector is on the driver side under the trays (D,E). 2B. Outback Wagon- The harness connector is tucked up behind the driver side inner fender trim, just visible near the rubber grommet in the floor and the cargo anchor (F). 2C. XV Crosstrek / 2014 Forester- The harness connector is on the driver’s side. Pull back on the rear trim panel to locate the vehicle’s harness connector (G,H). 3. Insert the harness connector into the vehicle’s connector taking care that it is fully inserted with locking tabs in place (I). 4. Adhere the black converter box to the frame of the car using the double-sided tape provided. Secure any loose parts of the T-Connector with the cable ties provided. WARNING! Verify miscellaneous items that may be hidden behind or under any surfaces before drilling to avoid damage to vehicle and/or personal injury. 5. Locate a suitable grounding point near the connector such as an existing screw with nut in the vehicle’s frame or drill a 3/32” hole and secure white ground wire using eyelet and screw provided. 6. Install red 10 amp fuse into the inline fuse holder. 7. Reinstall all items removed during install. 8. Route the 4-flat wire to the center of the vehicle and out the hatch when in use. When not in use roll up and store in an out of the way location in the rear cargo area. IMPORTANT: Battery connection must be fuse protected, 10 amp max. Exceeding the product rating can cause loss of warranty, overheating and potential fire.

Dodge Power Wagon 3/4 Ton, and 1 Ton Installation Instructions for ...

Dodge Power Wagon 3/4 Ton, and 1 Ton Installation Instructions for 2009-2012 Pre Installation fit check 1. Bolt the bracket to the body of the slider using the hardware provided. Only install 2 or 3 or the bolts for the fit test. 2. Hold the slider with the bracket bolted onto it up against the truck and position it on the truck. 3. Install 2 or 3 bolts on the back side of the slider into the factory provided holes to hold the slide into place. 4. Position the slider on the truck so that it is in the desired position. 5. Make a mark on the body of the truck in the horizontal so that you know the height of the slider on the body of the truck. Also mark the location of the holes on the body of the truck in relation to the top of the slider. (Use a marker that will wipe off the body of the truck) 6. The material thickness of the slider is 3/16”. This will mean that the bracket end will need to approximately 3/16” down from the horizontal mark on the body of the truck. 7. Disassemble the bracket and slider so it is ready for install Installation Instructions 1. Fit the bracket on the truck body approximately 3/16” lower on the truck body than the mark made in the horizontal. Position the bracket so that the holes line up with the marks on the truck body. This should position the bracket in the correct location in the vertical and horizontal orientation. (Mark sure the bracket is positioned level on the truck so the slider doesn’t lean) 2. Mark the holes in the bracket to determine the location of the nutserts. 3. Drill a 7/16 hole and install nutserts on the ...

Boeing CH-47 Chinook for FSX Operation Manual - Milviz Flight Sims

GENERAL The CH-47D is a twin-turbine engine, tandem rotor helicopter designated for transportation of cargo, troops, and weapons during day, night, visual, and instru-ment conditions. The helicopter is powered by two T55-GA-714A shaft-turbine engines on the aft fuse-lage. The engines simultaneously drive two tandem three-bladed counterrotating rotors through engine transmissions, a combining transmission, drive shafting, and reduction transmissions. The forward transmission is on the forward pylon above the cockpit. The aft transmission, the combining transmission, and drive shafting are in the aft cabin section and aft pylon sections. Drive shafting from the combining transmission to the forward transmission is housed in a tunnel along top of the fuselage. When the rotors are stationary, a gas-turbine auxiliary power unit drives a generator and hydraulic pump to furnish hydraulic and electrical power. Fuel is carried in pods on each side of the fuselage. The helicopter is equipped with four non-retractable landing gear. An entrance door is at the forward right side of the cargo compartment. At the rear of the cargo compartment is a hydraulically powered loading ramp. The pilot's seat and controls are at the right side of the cockpit, the copilot's seat and controls are on the left side.

GMT Fuse Panel for NetSure® Systems - Emerson Network Power

Product Overview The GMT Fuse Panel for NetSure® systems is designed to provide overcurrent protection, separating a single source into multiple feeds on the output of a DC source. This panel accepts GMT fuses from 1A to15A and can be populated with up to 20 fuses. The panel comes configured as a single load output, but can be converted, in the field, to an A & B output easily. The fuses plug into one of (20) mounting positions on the front panel. Each position has a localized return landing. An isolated Form-C alarm output is available on the panel as well as a resistive battery alarm output. This panel can be mounted in a 19" or 23" relay rack. Application The GMT Fuse Panel is ideal for installations where overcurrent protection or separation of load circuits is required on the output of a rectifier or converter. This panel is compatible with NetSure® DC power systems from Emerson or as a standalone item. Additional information For additional specification, engineering or installation information, use specification number 545700. Precision Cooling Racks & Integrated Cabinets Services Surge Protection © 2011 Emerson Network Power Energy Systems, North America, Inc. All rights reserved. Emerson®, Emerson Network Power™, Business-Critical Continuity™ and NetSure® are trademarks of Emerson Electric Co. and/or one of its subsidiaries. Printed in USA 135D-NSGMT / 0211

TPM/GMT Fuse Panel Datasheets - Trimm Inc

Overview Why Specify this Trimm Panel? TPM/GMT Panel Rated at 300 Amps: Trimm’s TPM/GMT fuse panel is rated at 150 Amps per side for a total of 300 Amps per panel to power multiple pieces of equipment. More equipment is coming that does more per watt. What used to be done in several frames is now done in one shelf unit. This drives the power requirements for each unit up necessitating higher amperage fuses and fuse panels. The TPM/GMT panel is a great alternative to KLM/GMT panels because of its ability to distribute more power in a smaller space. TPM GMT Panels have 25% More Positions: By using the TPM fuse, Trimm was able to add additional TPM and GMT position per side compared to KLM GMT panels that only have four KLM and GMT positions. With increasing power requirements you would need two rack space KLM panels to provide the same over current protection costing you more money and space. With constant pressure on your budgets you need to find areas where you can trim cost while providing the same level of service. The TPM/GMT panel helps you achieve this goal. Lightweight Aluminum Frame: The GMT/TPM panel with 10 positions per side weighs only 6 lbs to help you save money on logistics costs. Most KLM/GMT panels weigh over 60% more which increases your cost for shipping and creates ergonomic issues for installers. GMT/TPM Fuse Panel Standard Features: The TPM/GMT Fuse Panel has 5 TPM and 5 GMT positions on each side. This gives you 4 more total positions than comparable 4/4 KLM/GMT panels. The panel offers high brilliance LEDs for visual indication of power and fuse fail conditions. It also includes slide out designation strips for each side that accept standard 1” x 2-5/8” labels. The panel features dual voltage, dual polarity functionality allowing it to operate at -/+ 24VDC to 48VDC so you can standardize on one version. The fuse panel has compression lug inputs and barrier strip outputs for ...