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The role of the food risk and the sociodemographic  variables on the attitude to healthy foods

This research is interested in the changes of the eating habits of the consumer further to numerous health crisis. The consumer became more and more aware of the impact of the food on the health and more and more distrusting. This distrust led the consumer to healthier food product such as: relieved or enriched products and the dietary products etc., which brings the form and well-being in order to minimize the risk. In this context, a quantitative study of Tunisian consumers studied the effect of dietary risk as well as sociodemographic variables on attitudes toward healthy foods.

Application of Fuzzy Logic in Operation Management  Research

Decision making is an important aspect of any business entity. In this paper, a new linguistic methodology is suggested in order to express the results obtained by analyzing the situations in a way that can be easily understood by non- experts users through fuzzy logic. The paper will further explain the relationship between variable through the application of fuzzy Logic. The model will be useful to understand better the system as compared to statistical results. It will also allow us to confront both kind of results considering that statistical analysis that are more discriminatory while fuzzy models show a broader vision. The model will let us understand the input variables behavior according to variations in output variables, therefore strategic planning possibilities are increased as no implementation is required. The use of decision support systems (DSS) is increasing and becoming generalized and it actually is the evolution of business computing networking

Effect of Caffeine on Serum and Urinary Electrolytes

In order to establish a relationship between caffeine and serum and urinary electrolytes, 30 healthy males were given an oral dose of 400 mg caffeine over a period of 120 min in four divided doses and electrolyte concentrations were measured during control and experimental periods. Serum potassium decreased significantly(P<0.01) from 4.4±0.2 (control period) to 3.9±0.2 (experimental period at 400 mg of caffeine). Increased urinary sodium (i.e from 139±3 in the control period to 209±8) and increased chloride concentrations (i.e from 46±7 in the control period to 124±9) associated with increased urinary output was noticed significantly(P<0.01) at 400 mg of caffeine. These results helps in establishing a dose response relationship between caffeine and electrolytes.

Scenario of Sanskritization at Shaktipeeths – A Step  towards Empowerment of the Marginalised

Sanskritization is one of the ongoing revolutionary social processes in India. It is the process under which the religious practices of the Hindu upper castes are adopted by the members of SCs and STs in order to raise their social and cultural status in the society. By now the members of SCs and STs are aware that their cultural modes are responsible for their low status in the society. Therefore, they are ready to give them up for the sake of their improvement. Shaktipeeths and Durga temples in India are effective platforms for it. They provide an opportunity to such people to observe the upper caste religious and cultural practices closely and then to follow them for their own betterment. The scenario of Sanskritization becomes perfect during the Nava Ratras of Chaitra and Ashwin months. Obviously, it witnesses a revolutionary social change when during these specified Hindi months the people from all the castes mix up with one another and when they participate ...

How to choose a place to stay for your honeymoon in Singapore

When you are on a honeymoon, you wouldn’t want to stay in an insipid location that has nothing to offer in order to enhance your experience. You would instead want a place that meets your tastes, where you can engage in romantic conversations, and better the bonding that you share already.

How to avail the best car rental deals in Singapore

Renting a car in Singapore is definitely a smart option in order to make your rides extremely comfortable. If you are able to get the best rental deals, you will be even more delighted. How to save money on car rentals? How to get the best car rental deals in Singapore that comes with transparent norms and regulations? Read on to make your search process for the same easier.

Occasions during which you should order flowers online in advance

There are many festivals in Singapore that is celebrated with plenty of flowers. If you forget to place your orders with the top online florists well in advance, you might not be able to get the flowers of your choice during such occasions. You will then have to depend on the local flower stores who, if they have leftover stock, will charge you hefty amounts on all orders.

The investigation of experimental condition and Kinetic  study of Methylene Blue adsorption onto Nee

The methylene blue (MB) absorption onto neem leaf powder was investigated in term of both adsorption efficiency and kinetic study. The effects of operation parameters i.e., MB concentration, time of adsorption, adsorbent dosage, pH of solution and temperature were investigated. The results showed that all parameter could affect the adsorption efficiency. The adsorption isotherm and kinetics over various pH and temperature were also studied. It was found that the adsorption capacity was increased with pH and temperature increased; suggested the exothermic process. The experimental data showed that the MB adsorption was fitted with Langmuir isotherm and the kinetic model was the pseudo-second order.

Effectiveness of Dose of Drug Applied for the Treatment  of Depression

Depression as a disease is rampart to people regardless of sex, class, position in the community and it is common to old people and adult. In order to prevent and reduce the rate of depression, this research give work has born. It was born out of a mindset that is ready to the economy everything the community had given. This paper examined the effect of hormone related drug in relieving depression and 3 level of drug was administered, a placebo treatment, a moderate dose and a high dose. The data was collected from Ekiti-State Police Clinic, the data are in quarters for the year 2012 and it is a secondary data. The aim of the paper is to find out whether gender or level of dose of drug administered has anything to do with the relieving of depression. Based on the analysis it can be seen that either high level of dose, placebo treatment or moderate dose we obtain averagely the same of outcome but there other method used for treatment of depression that will not make...

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